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What Is a Motorized Kayak?

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What is a Motorized Kayak?

A lightweight trolling motor is mounted on every one of our kayaks. These motors are designed for kayaks and canoes, are battery operated, and are environmentally sound: no gas or oil drips, no toxic fumes and no noise pollution. They are steered by a tiller system which is easily accessible by the user.

Our Motorized Kayaks move quite briskly at about 2-4 mph.
Our kayaks go about as fast as the average paddler can paddle for any extended period of time.

The Motorized Kayak has a convenient level tiller style steering right at your fingertips without having to reach behind your back as with rear tiller steering type arrangements.

All customers are thoroughly trained on the safe operation of these motorized kayaks, and all safety rules are explained and demonstrated. Guides are always nearby during the tours to assist with any questions and to help you enjoy your tour.
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